Location: Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia

Hello World!! We have arrived in Nuku Hiva, a tropical paradise tucked just below the equator, full of friendly people, large waterfall strewn mountains, and sights were only seen by a few. Early this morning, watch team 3 (the best watch team) motored our way into Taiohae Bay while battling the rain in order to strike the forward and main staysail. The curtain of rain let up just as the misty island surrounded Argo, revealing the beautiful green mountains. Just shy of 8:00 am Argo time, we anchored and dove into the warm waters of Marquesas. Finally, we had reached the land! After 20 days, 3,045 nautical miles, two birthdays, lots of cetaceans, and an amazing passage later, the crew of Argo made it across the great Pacific Ocean. Given the option to sleep a few more hours or enjoy our new waters, a few of us dove off the cap rail. We were surprised by warm waters, full of fish that surrounded us as we swam. The sun began to peek over the mountains as the rest of the crew began to stir.

Boat appreciation was much needed, and with a time change of an hour and a half, we had plenty of time to get Argo looking good. We split into groups and tackled tasks such as: scraping barnacles off our hull, scooping frozen meat juice from the bowels of the freezer, and scrubbing every surface on board. The deckhands were graced with heavy rain just as we finished, reminding us of the rainforests of Dominica.

Our fearless leader, Captain Ben, returned from customs. Just before a quick lunch made by Simon, Hannah, and Audrey. After clean up, we got prepared to head to LAND!!! We set off in trusty ole’ Smoke to enjoy Wi-Fi, new snacks, and sturdy shores. We were welcomed by the charming locals of Nuku Hiva. After a rain-drenched dinner, we shared stories of our favorite foods from the passage and then got ready for a night out on the town.

With much love to Jeff and Terry and all my fans out there,

Skipper Parker