Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today was a pretty fun day. After a breakfast of banana bread and other assorted things, we did a class on EFR (Emergency First Response). During the class, we watched a super long and entertaining video that was extremely interesting and then took a test based on said video. We then had lunch which was a vegetable bake of some sort, and afterward were split into two groups. The first group did a Nav Master Class, which was taught by Drew, involving dead reckoning, estimated positions, and how tides/currents affect the course of the boat. The second group learned to drive the dingy with Matt and did some very fun man-overboard practice with a lot of music, which everyone enjoyed. Afterward, the two groups switched places. Once the classes were finished for the day, everyone swam, jumped off the boat (Ben did his daily flip of the day), and took ocean showers. It was quite fun. Down in the salon, people were playing theme songs from Hannah Montana and Lemonade Mouth and others. Miles and Fargo played guitar and decided that they wanted to play with a band on a sign-out night in Bon Aire. No idea how that will work, but they will try. Dinner was a really scrumptious Japanese dish called Okonomiyaki, which translates to ‘fried pancake of things I like.’ It was served with different sauces to put on it, but it had to be eaten in the salon due to rain. The squeeze question was, “What would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?” Toria said a house with a big yard and a pool, Owen said a fishing rod, and Matt said his dog. After people are done cleaning up, we have a scientific writing seminar teaching us how to write in a scientific manner.