Location: Underway to Bonaire

Today we woke up to a local Hawaiian breakfast with fried eggs, rice, seaweed, and fresh fruit. We jumped into passage prep in the rain, where we took the sail covers off and put the ribs on decks, reattached halyards, and re-ran sheets. We blasted music and danced in the rain to make it more fun. Then Steph briefed us on the dives for the afternoon. We had lunch of deli sandwiches and chips. We headed over for two dives for our Advanced Open Water certification – our Deep Dive and Fish ID Dive. We saw lots of colorful fish and coral and played with some eggs underwater. It was the deepest dive we’ve done so far, and then we went to the champagne reef, where bubbles rose all around us as we dived. We got back to the boat, got warm and showered, and had a lovely dinner of veggie soup and freshly baked bread rolls courtesy of Toria and Kirby. Then we got off the dock, said goodbye to Dominica, and headed out for our first long passage to Bonaire. I had watch from 8-12, saw a few shooting stars, raised the main staysail and both jibs with watch teams 2 and 3, and enjoyed the first hours of passage.