Location: Essaouira, Morocco

This morning, our wonderful head chef, Tacha, woke up bright and early to bake us delicious chocolate cranberry scones for breakfast. After our usual morning muster and cleanup, we had some downtime, which ended when the smell of fresh fish engulfed the air. It was Jess, holding a plastic trash bag for our morning activity: dissections. Each group of four got to pick a random sea creature out of the mystery bag, including fish, squid, and eels. Each team worked on finding different parts of the animals. The squid teams got to use the pen (a clear, rigid structure that acts as a skeleton for the squid) to puncture the ink sac and write their names, as well as give themselves tribal paint using the ink from the squid. After the dissections, we got ready for shore time in Essaouira. We jumped off the dinghies onto a fishing dock and walked into the walled city, where there is alley upon alley of souvenirs, spice shops, and shawarma. There was bartering, shopping, eating, and massages for the crew of Argo. We all returned to the boat with smiles on our faces. After showers and delicious tortilla soup, we had an oceanography class and began the rotation for anchor watch that will take us into another great day.