Location: Underway to Agadir, Morocco

Hello family and friends! Today we had the privilege of riding camels across the beach in Morocco. For three hours, we were like ancient desert nomads caravanning across the Sahara. The ride was low-key for the most part, but there were times when we had to hold on for dear life when the terrain got rough. At the end of the ride, the camels bumpily dropped to their knees. We departed a bit bow-legged and sore but thrilled to have had the experience. Afterward, some of the group took surfboards out to shred the gnar. Some had not had their fill of riding yet, so they rented horses to gallop on the beach. The rest of the group spent their time haggling for trinkets and clothing in the city because they had to get their last-minute shopping in before our overnight passage to Agadir.