Location: Underway to Thailand

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are, I hope you are doing swell. Welcome back to the final blog written by skipper Millie. Wow, I cannot believe how fast this trip has gone by. I will be honest with you guys. Today was a rough one. With many of our fellow crewmates taking a trip to the low side, our watch teams were severely diminished. But with watch team three, the unexpected should always be expected, and our head chef Rydawg prevailed over seasickness and was in the galley all day. Breadmaster D (Delaina) is making some sick bread even though she was a cabin steward today. With many squalls ahead on the radar, we were all wondering if we would be able to take NavMaster. (Spoiler alert we did not take NavMaster.) But instead of NavMaster, we were given study hall where many of us did NavMaster practice anyways. We had rested until din din and then had a squeeze where we learned everyone’s favorite numbers. With food in our bellies, we headed down to bed and tried to catch some Zzz’s. I am sad to say goodbye to you all as this blog is currently over, but one final goodbye as skipper, I say farewell.
Your fav,
Skipper Millie Rock
p.s miss you Dumfredi fam and once again miss you Pswi$$le
Current position:

1 – galley squad rallying against the waves
2 – not from this day, but Whitney and I hugging 🙂