Location: Underway to Thailand

Hello once again, it’s Ian checking in for my fourth and final skipper day. It has been a rough last few days of passage. The crew has fought through many storms and rough seas that we have yet to see up until this point of the trip. Many of us have taken a trip to the low side. Even through all these hardships, we have still managed to keep our spirits higher than the waves that have come crashing over Argo. Today started off early, like most passage days, Watch Team 2 (name pending), and I kicked off our day with the 8-12 am watch where we battled through cookie cake, shifting winds, massive swells, and the sharp rain of the Java Sea. We finished watch off at 12, and we were immediately swamped by one of the biggest waves of the day during our debrief. It was awesome!!! For lunch, we ate a tortilla wrap bar whipped up by Gabe. It was pretty tasty.

Once we finished cleanup, we had our first class in 2 days. It was oceanography, yay! In oceanography class, we reviewed for our exam in a timely manner in order to avoid any chundering in the salon. After that, we took a short quiz before being released for the day. I attempted to study NavMaster, and then I helped Gabe cook up some din din in the galley. At this point in the day, the rough seas and wind seemingly died off slightly. This made dinner fairly smooth, where we all laughed and enjoyed some taco bowls. Once dinner was done, we started cleanup, and I did the 1800 boat check, and here we are, getting close to the coast of Borneo (about 18 miles), three days into our 12 day Bali to Thailand passage.

Current position: 349.996′ S x 11153.7987′ E (2890 NM traveled since day 1)

Tim working on a repair of the mainsail
Me and Justin in the galley
Amanda Shuman, Carolyn, and Amanda Cole in the cockpit