Location: Underway to Thailand

Today was a pretty good passage day. We had a short amount of calm and (almost) clear weather. For watch team 1, we had about 15 minutes of peace. The rest of the day, Argo was consumed by constant squalls and choppy waves. Everyone did their Nav Master today (yay, been studying for a month and a half now) :O. The food was really good todayshoutout to Will, Ian, Justin (JT), and Carly. We even ate down below for dinner because of how strong the wind and rain were on deck. The staff took turns coming down two at a time, sitting on the floor in their wet foulies to quickly eat and head back up on deck. Several people had the surprise of warm waves up to their waists as they sat or crouched on deck to secure preventors or running backstays. It was a thrilling day, and we are looking forward to a hopefully calmer and more dry day tomorrow!

Signing off,
The best skipper, Preston 🙂

Current position:

Me and Kayli in the salon
Matt and Justin on deck
Red light shenanigans after an early morning fire drill