Location: 24 17.23'S 07 03.69'E

Well, mom, this morning, I can finally say mission accomplished. In the last six days, Ive been dragging myself (and my rod) out of my bunk and up the companionway with aspirations to discover what swims beneath Argos hull. Today, at approximately 9 am, the culmination of my trips purpose was fulfilled. I woke to the sound of acoustic swells and the screaming drag of my accurate ATD. Being 200 nautical miles offshore means the chance to connect with some incredible pelagics, and today, I did just that. I caught the fish of a lifetime: a Long-billed Spearfish. The first glance of color revealed glowing pectoral fins and a saber-like snout. Initially, I thought I was staring at my first Marlin. It wasnt until leadering the fish that it became clear it was so much more. The Spearfish is coveted amongst the angling community as the most elusive of the billfish species. So little is known about this creature. What Argos crew now knows is this species doesnt share the flesh of its gamier cousins. It was phenomenal. It fed the entire boat firsts and seconds for lunch. Landing this Spearfish was something you had to see to believe. It was a team effort, and one hell of a team clean up. Ive never been so anxious for my next 4 am watch 😉