Location: St. Eustatius

We all woke up to the amazing aroma of muffins in the oven. They were delicious and very quickly devoured; thank you Mike and Marvin! With food in our bellies, we were fueled for the big day ahead of us. We started off with a double dose of knowledge- physical oceanography first and then MTE. After lunch, we got our gear together and headed off to the Charlie Brown wreck dive. The Charlie Brown is an old AT and T cable-laying ship, which was in need of updating, but instead was sold to Statia for $1, because they had the best plans for sinking it. Resting at over one hundred feet, the wreck is truly awesome, and there is so much to see in and around the ship. A few highlights of the dive included a sea turtle, a shark, and barracudas (definitely human-sized). After the dive, we raised sails and began making our way to Saba. Guitar in hand, Jaron led the girls in singing a few classics, but it quickly escalated into a crazy, but high quality 90’s jam sesh atop the charthouse. We arrived in Saba shortly after dinner underway was finished and tied up to a mooring. After a little MTE “practice fun,” everyone was ready for some rest in preparation for the fun to come tomorrow!