Location: Off St. Barths

Today we woke up in English Harbour and got the boat ready for the sail to Barbuda. We stopped to fuel up in English Harbour before we left. After leaving the harbor, we realized that we would make it to Barbuda around dark. Which is not what we wanted since Barbuda is hard to navigate at night. Kevin decided that because of that we would skip Barbuda and go straight to St. Barth. So we headed to St. Barths and it was a wonderful day sail until after dinner. After cleaning up at dinner and the start of my watch, it started to down pour. It rained pretty much the entire night except for when we finally made it to St. Barths around 11:30pm. We anchored outside of the port and started anchor. All was good on my anchor watch until about 12:30 when it started to pour again. It rained pretty much on everyone’s watch. Hopefully tomorrow will be prettier. Even though it rained it was still a fun sail.