Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua

Another day at anchor in Antigua and another day of diving. Last night we had our very first seamanship class with Nick, which helped us get our bearings straight and learn more about our home for the next six weeks. For some individuals, this class was followed by an anchor watch. My shift was from 2-3 am, a very exciting time to be awake. As skipper, I planned to wake the crew at 7 am by banging pots and pans together. However, I decided a gentle pat might be better this early on in the trip. After a very yummy breakfast with yogurt and fruit, we started the morning strong with the students working on their open water certifications and working on their confined water skills! While one group hit the water, the rest were on the boat, working on their knot-tying skills and dive theory. Although there is often not much to see in the 7ft of confined water, we spotted a baby octopus which was very exciting! After lunch and cleanup, more groups went to practice their dive skills. The rest of the crew learned about dive tables and had to take a test. All I can say is I am glad I was with the divers:)

You’ll be happy to know that the Ocean Star crew has remained relatively intact, with no dive-related injuries thus far. Unfortunately, however, two have fallen victim to the boat’s infamous d-rings. Sissy and I broke the same toe on the same d-ring on the same day. I sincerely apologize for the lack of broken toe pictures. On the bright side, we seem to be recovering nicely, aside from the one-finned diving. The d-rings have been clearly marked, so hopefully, everyone’s toes are safe and sound from here on out. Following our long day of diving, the crew enjoyed a delicious chicken burrito dinner cooked by Meg, and we ended our night with everyone discussing their “near-death experiences” during Squeeze. Surprisingly, almost everyone had an answer, but I am certainly glad that we all survived and made it to the ship because I reckon we are going to have a wonderful time together!