Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua and Barbuda

Good evening friends and fam!! Our crew has been absolutely crushing our daily jobs, just impeccable cleaning skills.

Today some of the crew finished up their confined water training and will be moving on to their first open-water dives!!! Wahoo! Advanced divers did their peak performance buoyancy! Everyone has been killing it in the water and learning all the skills quickly! Later today, we had our first Oceanography class, and we chose our individual research topics. After Oceanography, we learned how to tie knots, clove hitch, half hitch, and some more that I cannot remember the name of. Everyone is super eager to learn and dive; I couldn’t have asked for better boat mates!
Props to the chef today, Lauren. She was our first student head chef, and we had oatmeal for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, and Sloppy Joe’s for dinner <3 We are being very well fed!

Last night we had a DJ set and created a song about one of the jobs, Trash Master. An absolute banger of a song. Sadly we can’t upload videos, so you’ll have to hear the song another time.

In terms of injuries, the toes are doing better. I did re-stub my broken toe today but just gotta keep going. Maris’s toe is still crooked but not as swollen. Injuries haven’t stopped us from putting on our fins and doing the dives!

We are having a blast and are about to move to our next location. Lots of love xoxo -Sissy