Location: Slipway Marina, Antigua

On this wonderful Tuesday morning, we started off with a great dive under the boat in galleon bay with the new scuba divers dialing in their open water dives and mastering their skills to get certified. After the dive, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch of salad and soup as we got ready to take our first sail to Nevis Island. This process was long, but I definitely needed to prepare all the sails and lock everything down for the rough seas ahead. During this process, we all got just a brief look into what actually goes into making a journey across the ocean and getting everything prepared for smooth sailing. After learning about how the boat works and the preparation that goes into it, we got our first on-foot look at one of these Caribbean islands, and eventually, all sat down for a nice program-wide dinner. During this dinner, we all got to get a little bit closer, sharing photos and videos of some of our personal lives that we didn’t get to see while getting to know each other without the use of technology. This group has really seemed to bond smoothly, with everyone excited about what’s next to come on our further adventures.