Location: Nevis

Waking up with the thoughts of sailing on our minds, the day was off to a good start. Some of us were worried about getting seasick but were on our toes since we got off the dock. It was exhilarating. Everyone was a little skeptical about their full knowledge of sailing but the pressure of time and knowledge from our seamanship class led us to a successful passage. We left at 9 am and arrived in Nevis at 6:30 pm with one class in between and a hearty lunch. A good group of us were watching for buoys as we went into anchor outside a town in Nevis while sailing directly into some rain which was fun and cool to see. Looking at the volcano and sites of various quaint towns was a site that many of us hadn’t seen and enjoyed. It was epic to look in every direction and not see land at one point.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow, where we get to dive in a new location and finish some of our open water certifications, which I am excited about. We are going to sleep tonight, knowing that we all can manage to sail together as one big harmonious group.