Location: Petit Byahaut

You’d think that the plan for the day ahead in combination with my incredible alarm song – “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire – would have everybody up and out of bed quick, but rest assured that was not the case. To be fair, it’s no longer September…and we did all show up to breakfast relatively close to on time. This morning, post lemon poppy seed muffins, we departed on an hour-long motor to our new destination on the west side of St. Vincent. Though many people used the hour to catch up on sleep, Will helmed us to our own personal cove and beach area. Everyone was in the water as soon as the anchors hit. The most favored part of today, besides Teddy’s legendary sandwiches, came after our Seamanship class. Groups of us swam to our beach while others snorkeled at a nearby bat cave. The cave features hundreds of bats and some incredible marine life, most of which we previously identified in our Marine Biology class. Ocean showers, delicious tacos, and a true island sunset finished our day of sun, fun, and adventures. Today was just another reminder of how beautiful the islands we’re touring are.

Photo 1 – Logan, Mackenzie, Lucia, Teddy, Will, and Eulalie in this morning’s rainstorm
Photo 2 – Lucy after her ocean shower
Photo 3 – Lucy, Asta, Eulalie, Mackenzie, and Sophie with their tummy beads 🙂
Photo 4 – Quinn shaving for a fancy night in
Photo 5 – Will on the helm
Photo 6 – St. Vincent and our laundry
Photo 7 – Eaman practicing backflips
Photo 8 – Sunset, yay!
Photo 9 – Sam and Sophie twinning with their white crocs
Photo 10 – Stef and Lucia post-swim time