Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

“The Boys are Back in Town” was my song of choice to wake everybody up at 7:00 this morning. Today we had an island excursion that was going to last the majority of the day, so the crew seemed to have an easier time getting out of bed. After eating breakfast and packing our lunches for the day, we began shuttling everyone to the dock on the dinghy. Our excursion began when everyone hopped into a small bus, which was tightly packed with the crew and all of our backpacks. A tour guide began to give us a rundown on the history of St. Vincent and pointed out some very interesting locations and facts. Our first stop on the tour was the set of “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” which happened to have lots of animals and some cool buildings that were used to shoot the movie. On our walk to the set, we met a very cool local man who had his own crops, dogs, and the most unique bar I’ve ever seen. Our next destination was a hike through a rainforest in a national park called The Vermont Trail. Before the hike, we all sat down at some picnic tables and ate our pre-packed lunches. During the hike, we climbed around 500 feet in elevation and had the most beautiful views. Our tour guide stopped about every 30 seconds to tell us about either a tree or some sort of fruit. The frequent stops were not enjoyed by everyone since it was so hot and humid in the rainforest, but it was still awesome to learn a bunch of new facts. A freshwater river was our last stop on the tour. Luckily we were able to swim in this river after our long and sweaty hike. Some of us slid down the current of the river over some rocks and called it our natural slide. The time we had on land ended with a quick stop at a market for all of us to buy snacks for the next week. This obviously made everyone so happy, and our bus ride ended with everyone snacking and drinking their cold drinks (cold drinks are a luxury on this boat). Tomorrow we begin scuba diving which everyone is ecstatic for, after a long wait for this opportunity.

Signing out,