Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Yet another beautiful day on the Ocean Star! We started our day off bright and early as usual. Lucy woke up early and made everyone blueberry scones, and they were a favorite! With the help of Lucia and Quinn, breakfast was a great success! After breakfast, we spent our morning with two classes. We had Oceanography first with Sam and Leadership afterward with Ash. We took a quiz in leadership today to find out what types of leaders each of us was. After classes, we had some lunch followed up by some study time. Our first assignment is due tonight at midnight, so many of us were taking advantage of that time to study and finish our assignment. Others decided to spend some time snorkeling the nearby reef.

Eamon and Mackenzie got some more time to refine their scuba skills as they are already PADI certified. After study/ snorkel time, we all met up to do a wound treatment demonstration. This consisted of coating cut potatoes in various spices and then cleaning the “wounds” with water from pipets. This was a lot of fun for everyone and quickly turned into a small water fight with the pipets. After our wound training, we took a short dinghy ride over to a HUGE rock the appears to be plopped in the middle of the ocean. We all hiked up a steep staircase to get to the top of the rock! The views from the top were amazing, and it was really cool to see our home, the Ocean Star, from the peak. We all enjoyed a beautiful sunset together and then proceeded to hike back down as it was getting dark out. We all devoured a great meal of fresh rolls and fried rice with pineapple and bacon to finish off our night. Right now, the weather is very pleasant, and we have a refreshing breeze coming across the boat. Tomorrow we have an excursion planned on land, and it should be very exciting! Quinn will tell you all about that tomorrow!

Looking forward to another day in paradise tomorrow. Goodnight!