Location: Young Island, SVG

I could say that my morning began with my anchor watch at 1:00, but in actuality, I was already up. A few of us still haven’t learned how to go to bed on time, but tonight could be the night for some early sleep. We’ll see what happens. At 7:30, all of us were up and ready for some delicious chocolate chip pancakes courtesy of Asta, Eulalie, and Scuba Sam. After that wonderful start to the day, we spent the next few hours in marine bio and seamanship class. One thing I’ve learned so far is how much our teachers love the class to be interactive. Steph decided to do this today by using M and M’s to teach us about collecting population data, which seemed to make everyone a lot more excited. With classes over, everyone headed to eat their burgers and fries for lunch. Following this, we divided into teams to learn how to duck dive and work the dinghy. Since no day on this boat can be uneventful, the engine for the dinghy decided to give out on us and left Ash, Teddy, Quinn, and me stranded. Fortunately, we had paddles. Unfortunately, these paddles were small and ineffective. After a few laughs, Steph came to our rescue and towed us back to the main boat. To finish off our day, we’re all going to watch a movie for our leadership and seamanship class. As usual, I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow and am so grateful that I am here.

Photo 1: Eamon and Stef being a unicorn
Photo 2: Marine biology class
Photo 3: Our fabulous chefs
Photo 4: Stef/The Mountain/Coach deciding to take another title as Santa (Lucia asked for a boat)