Location: Young Island, SVG

I wasn’t scheduled to be Skipper today, but Sam and I made an under-the-table deal and switched jobs. Today was the first day of Megawheel (aka students are head chefs), and Maxime and his sous chefs cooked us up a great breakfast of eggs and veggies. Then we went to get COVID tested so we can be let into St. Vincent and hopefully start diving!! We waited to get tested for about an hour, so people pulled out the books to keep entertained. Smash flexed her grass-trumpet playing skills. Lucia and Stefi resorted to childlike tendencies and chased each other in circles. Tate did some yoga on the grass. After we got tested, we shuttled back to the boat, ate lunch, and cleaned up before classes in the afternoon. We had Oceanography, where we learned about plate tectonics and why the Caribbean has so many volcanoes.

Then we had a Leadership class, during which we played everyone’s favorite songs and talked about our goals for the trip and the long-term. At the end of class, Ash said that the first Challenge Course assignment is to jump in the ocean right now with all your clothes on! I was glad to have a bathing suit on, but some people were not so lucky (RIP Stefi’s jean shorts). It was so much fun to jump in and swim after a long day. I attempted a dive off the boat but slipped and bellyflopped 🙁 Scuba Sam, Tate, and Eamon did some awesome backflips, though! After that, we went snorkeling around the boat and worked on our Leadership essays before dinner. Maxime (and his sous chefs) cooked a delicious lasagna. My squeeze question was “What’s your dream job?” and everyone had very cool answers. I look forward to trying Ash’s chocolate and touring Alaska on Lucy’s plane. Sam, Ash, Steph, Kris, Smash, and I had a little dance party in the chart house while I was writing the blog, complete with party lights. That is all for today–I am very excited for a full night of sleep with no anchor watch!! See you tomorrow!

Photo 1: On land for COVID tests
Photo 2: Smash and Ash trying to push Sreph overboard while brushing her teeth
Photo 3: Eamon and Teddy reading
Photo 4: Smash playing the grass trumpet
Photo 5: Eulalie climbing a tree
Photo 6: Lucia and Stefi throwing shoes
Photo 7: Lucia is victorious!
Photo 8: Back to Ocean Star
Photo 9: Lunch
Photo 10: Maxime and Tate demonstrating seafloor spreading in Oceanography
Photo 11: Ocean Star <3
Photo 12: Lucy showing off her freediving skills
Photo 13: Me attempting to blow bubble rings
Photo 14: Needlefish!
Photo 15: Lucia diving down the mooring line
Photo 16: Stefi and Teddy hard at work
Photo 17: Sunset