Location: Young Island. St. Vincent

My beautiful morning began at approximately 3:40 AM when I had to wake up for my watch. We had already arrived in St. Vincent, but it was still very dark out and we had to wait until sunrise to tie the boat up inshore. The sails had already been brought down, so my watch team didn’t have many tasks to do. While we were trolling around a big squall was in sight and the 5 of us (watch team 3) scrambled down to our bunks to put on our foul weather gear. Luckily, we only got hit by the wind which I was very thankful for. By 6:00 the sun started to come out and we were struggling to stay awake due to the lack of jobs assigned to us. Sam (not to be confused with Scuba Sam) decided that everyone was in need of a cup of coffee. After the caffeine was guzzled down, everybody was awake and got to witness the most amazing sunrise over our destination that awaited us during our 3-day passage. Music got turned on and the heat from the sun changed everyone’s mood drastically. Since we were underway on a passage, nobody was required to wake up at 7:00 sharp for breakfast. Unfortunately, I was already awake, but by 8:00 my shift was over so I went directly back to my bunk to get some sleep. Lunchtime came around and everyone was finally together, many still tired from a disrupted sleep schedule. After our nutritious meal, it was time for some B.A (boat appreciation). B. A is what we do after a long passage and is basically a head-to-toe cleaning for the boat. Some serious scrubbing and hard work from the whole crew made everyone very sweaty. Fortunately, we all had the chance to jump in the water to cool us down. A quick Marine Bio class was next on the agenda. We learned about 15 new fish that we will be quizzed on soon. Some of the crew spotted out a couple of these fish while snorkeling after class. Later the sun began to set and it was dinner time. After our delicious meal made by Kris, it was time for our daily routine of the squeeze. My question for everyone was “What is your biggest pet peeve and why?”. The answers everyone gave were very interesting and were an awesome way to get to know everyone a little bit better. All in all, it was a laid-back day and I’m excited to see what this trip has in store for the following days.

P.S Miss you Mom, Dad, Chase, and Sally!!

Picture 1: Sunrise
Picture 2: Tying up the boat
Picture 3: Lucia and Scuba Sam up bright and early
Picture 4: “The Rock”
Picture 5: Boat Appreciation scrubbing
Picture 6: Tate passing up dishes
Picture 7: Freshies and Salties doing dishes
Picture 8:Tate pre-backflip
Picture 9: Sunset
Picture 10 and 11: Nighttime in St. Vincent