Location: Underway to St Vincent 13'51.30'N 61'23.62'W

To all the moms out there, you’ll be happy to know that most all of us were in bed sleeping by 8:30 last night! Granted, watch team 1 and I were awoken at 12:00 am to begin our 4-hour watch as we continued on our passage to St.Vincent. And then watch team 2 took over for their 4:00 am – 8:00 am shift…and so on. Though the loss of sleep isn’t ideal, it is truly the most magical experience to sit under the stars with full(ish) sails and great company. The experiential education portion of this program has definitely begun with students navigating the vessel, monitoring the engines, and taking many, many naps. Now when we’re not on watch, you’ll find us hard workers starting our first assignment, soaking up the sun and the sea breeze, or, of course, napping again as much as the majority of the day provided clear skies and calm seas, walking up on deck after my intense study/movie watching session provided the best surprise – a wild squall. With rain coming down sideways and wind actually filling our sails, the Caribbean was putting our pirating abilities to the test. In response, we sang our sea shanty songs even louder (lyrics thanks to our very own captain), enjoyed our second freshwater shower, and even managed to eat our slightly wet mac and cheese on deck. Watch team 1 is back on, so I depart you with these exciting photos!!

Photo 1 – Asta, Lucia, and Sam on watch
Photo 2 – Tate.
Photo 3 – Alexis on the helm
Photo 4 – Teddy on watch, with a stylish hat
Photo 5 – Sophie and Lucia prepping the salty pit
Photo 6 – Teddy, Asta, and Sam preparing for lunch
Photo 7 – Ash and Sam next to Logan (napping at lunch)
Photo 8 – Lucy and Sophie doing dishes!!
Photo 9 – Maxime and Quinn patiently waiting for lunch
Photo 10 – Will with his all-weather gear
Photo 11 – Will, Tate, and Logan working on their first Leadership class assignment
Photo 12 – Eulalie, Asta, and Sam “studying”
Photo 13 – Lunch!
Photo 14 – Sam fishing
Photo 15 – Movie time!!
Photo 16 – Sunset
Photo 17 – The calm before the storm