Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Today started off a little earlier than normal with some fluffy pancakes made by Shona. After breakfast, we visited the Sulphuric Mud Baths near the Pitons. The smell was super strong, and the waters were very warm, but we all covered ourselves head to toe in the black mud – it looked a little bit like a pack of elephants. The water temperature of the baths was around 100 degrees F. Right as we were about to leave, white mud was brought down from the springs. A few of us went for round two in the baths.

After cleaning ourselves off, we went on a tour of the volcano and the bubbling springs. Our tour guide taught us about the geology of the site and the history of the area. We headed back to the beach and had a tasty lunch at the same restaurant as last night. Before leaving for Rodney Bay, we went swimming off the boat and showered off the remaining mud that was still soaked in our skin. We are now docked back in the marina, where we will be spending the night. Tonight’s squeeze question was to give your best impression of the person to your right – “Smashhh, can we hike the Pitons with Ocean Star” (Charlie impersonating Katie) and “Let’s clean up… Yeah” (Katie impersonating Adelaide). After clean up, we are planning to watch a scary movie!

Photo 1: At the Mud Baths
Photo 2: Charlie in front of bath remains
Photo 3: Max and Bennitt in front of bath remains
Photo 4: Adelaide and Vela
Photo 5: Vela back in Rodney bay