Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

I cannot believe that we are already half way through our trip! This realization however only intensifies the beauty of Antigua, as we appreciate even more the quaintness of where we are docked. Indeed Ocean Star is currently overlooking the most gorgeous house with blue shutters that has been conveniently converted into a restaurant. Indeed, the shipmates have made great use of this spot. In our free time we wandered over there today to enjoy the most delicious smoothies ( I had a passion fruit lime one, and I can honestly say that I think it is the best smoothie I have ever tasted). A few of us shipmates also took this opportunity to have a coffee, and we pondered over the fact that despite the exclusive luxuries a life at sea has to offer, other normal luxuries are forsaken, but this only makes us appreciate things like coffee more! Its a win- win situation! The shipmates attempting to complete their Padi Open Water Advanced finished another topic called Navigation Diving. To a unrelated onlooker we must have looked hilarious, as our instructor Tor, as part of routine exercises, instructed us to blind ourselves by placing a towel over our heads and with the use of our compass navigate ourselves round the dock (with a fellow shipmate walking beside us of course to avoid injury!) With the Navigation Dive complete we returned and had a free afternoon before dinner. And what a dinner it was: a delicious Mexican fiesta night of burritos! We were all very happy, but Tor was the most joyous for Burritos are her favorite food. To finish off the day we are going to watch a documentary of Irving Johnson. The staff told us a little about this famous Sailor at dinner, and now we are all intrigued to know more. Apparently he can climb up the edge of a sail just using the tip of his fingers! Ok so I’m off to watch this documentary amongst the stars. Bye for now!