Location: Nevis

After about 30 hours of round the clock sailing the Ocean Star and its crew finally arrived in Nevus. It was beautiful and sunny when we first arrived but the weather quickly changed to a brief downpour which left us all pretty wet. The rain didn’t stop us though and we continued working on the ship to take down sails as we came into the port. Once we were securely moored, we all gave the ship some BA (boat appreciation) which was well needed after the 30 hours trip it took through all the wind, rain and waves up to 8 feet. Once finished with all our work everyone quickly rushed off the shore to explore the Charlestown. The town is quite small, and just has little shops along a few streets and that’s about it. It is very nice though and you really get a local feel, certainly not a touristy place. The town sits below a large mountain that is hidden in the clouds which we will be hiking soon! Stepping off the ship after 30 hours at sea was quite an adjustment, we still felt like we were moving back and forth even though we were all on land. Many were happy though to be on dry ground after the rough seas, which some took better then others. After exploring the town we went back to the boat where we enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner which tasted very good. Later tonight we will explore the town some more and celebrate the fact that we safely made it to Nevis when at times we thought we may not through all the rain and for some the sickness. In all though the trip was worth it because the island is beautiful and certainly like no other island seen yet.