Location: Underway to Nevis

Today was spent entirely en route to Nevis from the British Virgin Islands. After pushing our departure back a day due to bad weather, we awoke to find the conditions greatly improved, however we still knew it would be a rough passage. After a quick breakfast we prepared the boat to leave Great Harbor, Peter Island and make our way to the Anegada Passage. Everyone was excited to get underway for our first 24-hour sail, with only a few reservations by those who had never ventured on such a long sail before. I was very proud of everyone’s optimism and energy right off the bat. The beginning of the passage was a bit rough with squalls and swells reaching 6-8 feet, but the majority of the crew held up very well with only a few cases of seasickness. While my watch team was on watch we were accompanied by a large pod of dolphins for a portion of the sail, which I for one found very exciting. Watch teams cycled throughout the day spending 3 hours on watch and 6 hours off. At one point someone mentioned we could no longer see land in any direction. We all paused to take in the 360 degrees of undisturbed horizon, and realized we were now part of the elite group of people in the world who have been fortunate enough to have such an experience. Just our crew and our boat on the open ocean. Our watch team was able to get some sleep in the beginning of the night, and was lucky (in some senses) to be on watch during the sunrise as we passed the island of Saba. As our watch ended we had a rockin’ bowl of cereal and immediately went to sleep in hopes we would be much closer to Nevis by the time our next watch rolled around.