Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we got an early start – breakfast at 7 am under an ominous sky at Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda – so that everyone could get in the water for some big dives. I didn’t dive, but it sounded like everyone had a great time exploring the rock face along with the point. After everyone was back on board, we packed up and motored around Virgin Gorda to Spanish Town for lunch and to pick up provisions before an overnight passage to Nevis. It was good to stretch our legs, get some good greasy food in our bellies, and walk around to a few stores at the Spanish Town marina. After checking the weather, it was decided to put the passage off until the next morning, so instead of heading toward Nevis after lunch, we left Virgin Gorda for a mooring at Great Harbor, Peter Island. On the way, in some fairly rough seas, we began preparing the ship for the passage by securing dinghies, running jack lines, and making sure all the rigging, lines, and everything was ship-shape. It was fun to get out in some rougher weather, and I’m really excited to see what the passage to Nevis will hit us with. We’ll get a good sleep tonight and start early again tomorrow morning!