Location: Pinching Bay, Antigua

Today was a day of firsts for many of us. Those who are now on their way to being scuba certified, myself included, were able to jump in the water and get to work on practicing our scuba skills. It is an experience like none other. As I floated through the water for minutes at a time with my dive team partners, Max, Mackenzie, and Katelyn, led by our dive instructor Adelaide, I became even more excited for our scuba adventures ahead. Conditions were not ideal, there was low visibility, and it was a little rocky. But I don’t think anyone cared, and the fact that everyone had such a great time just goes to show how awesome scuba diving over amazing coral reefs with beautiful fish will be.

The sunset today was the best one we had so far, in my opinion. Many people’s appreciation for the day was taking a long swim by the boat as the sun slowly crept towards the horizon. The question for the evening was, “If you could be anyone’s personal assistant, who would it be?” There were so many great answers, including Hannah’s of Jimi Hendrix, Jordan’s of Black Beard, and Valentina’s of the guys from Top Gear. The nightly question and appreciation share is becoming my favorite part of the day as it always gives a glimpse into the life of our crewmates that we may not otherwise see. As week two approaches, I think we are all looking towards the next few months with a lot of hope, a lot of curiosity, and excitement. I can’t wait to see what else Vela has in store for us!

Charlie The Skipper

Photo 1: Rainbow after our first scuba dive
Photo 2: The amazing sunset
Photo 3: Everyone drying off after a great swim
Photo 4: Setting up for a great dinner
Photo 5: Our dishwashers “salties” cleaning up after breakfast
Photo 6: Andrejs, Ethan. and Hannah having fun during some downtime
Photo7: Heading below deck for our Oceanography and Seamanship Classes