Location: St. Vincent

New days and new islands, something everyone is happily getting used to. We started our day by sailing off the anchor like the great sailors that we areheaded to St. Vincent with great speed and fair winds. It was time to say goodbye to the incredible island of Bequia, which we called home for four days. The short 3-hour passage was time for everyone to relax, sail, and soak up the Caribbean sun. As we approached St. Vincent, its volcanic landscape stunned all of us. Once we got to the mooring, we dropped our sails fast and flaked them with great ease, with much help from sail master Noah. After everything was secure, everyone wanted to check out Duvernette, a towering volcanic rock about 400 yards abeam of Ocean Star. However, we had to accomplish a few tasks to complete our Boat Appreciation. It took a little longer than normal, but we made Ocean Star look as sexy as ever. With the little energy we had left, a few of us decided to take the dinghy to Duvernette and walk up the 250 steps to the top. Once we reached the top, the view was worth every step. The blinding shine off Ocean Star was enough to make your jaw drop from up there. Brandon and Mollie have been working hard on installing the ratlines over the past week so the tribe can climb up to the crow’s nest. Today they hit a special mark as they put up the sixth ratline, which means after that anyone who wants to go higher on the mast will have to wear a harness. So in celebration, a few of us brave enough took a leap from the 6th ratline into the water. It was about 20 feet and a whole lot of fun. This was a great bonus to an already awesome day at sea.