Location: Underway To Union Island, Grenadines

As we pulled off the dock and drove into the sunset, it was hard to believe that as the sunrises, we would be in the Grenadines. Our shortest passage by far, in some ways, will be more difficult. For example, we will not get into the rhythm of watches, and there will be many more rocks, reefs, and shipwrecks to avoid than out on the open ocean. In other ways, it feels so so short – like a run to the corner shop. To know that in the morning, we will be at anchor again, be able to swim again, and go to shore for ice cream again. The forecast is for light NE winds. This means a relatively comfortable passage as the sea state is small but will not make for great sailing. When the wind is behind the boat, the wind created by the boat moving forward cancels out with the wind blowing from behind, and the “apparent” wind that is felt on the boat and in the sails is much less, making for a slower sail. If the winds are light and behind us, there may not even be enough to keep the sails full, and we will probably keep the engine running throughout the night.

We are headed for the Tobago Cays, the beautiful sandy islands in between Grenada and St Vincent. It has been a few years since I’ve been there, and I can’t wait to go back. The beaches are full of palm trees and the waters full of turtles. This is the home of the world’s end reef, and it certainly feels like you could escape an island by swimming on the back of a turtle.