Location: Union Island, Grenadines

Yesterday we started the day by clearing into Tobago Cays through Union Island. After a refreshing jump in the water, we were given the afternoon off to spend how we desired. Some people decided to stay on the boat and read/snorkel while others took the opportunity to explore Union Island. The town was quaintly filled with many cute shops and small cafes. Groups enjoyed fresh smoothies and a much-needed shopping trip. By the time the dinghies arrived in the late afternoon, Tina had given us the news that we were going to have a night out. Everyone was very excited. We were given a choice to either swim to the island bar or take the dinghy in. A least ten people decided to take the opportunity to get a good workout in.

After a fun and enjoyable night out, we all headed back to the boat for dinner and a final squeeze. The night took a turn, however, and everyone took the night and got close with a lot of different people on the boat. I think I can speak for everyone that we are grateful to be part of such a special environment. It makes many of us sad to think that we have less than 30 days, but we are all excited to cherish every moment we have with each other. We plan to set sail to Tobago Cays tomorrow and spend the night.

Much love to my family. Love and miss you guys so much

Congrats, Connor, on graduating OCS!

Till next time