Location: Tobago Cays

This morning I woke up at 0600 to ensure our anchored ship did not collide with the others anchored immediately adjacent to us. After the hour was spent, breakfast came up on deck shortly, and everyone started their day. We had chocolate chip pancakes with watermelon while we raised anchor to depart Union Island to go deeper into the Tobago Cays. In contrast to the Atlantic crossing passages, we arrived at our intended destination before the last dishes were cleaned. Then the scuba students took their final exam, while some folks and I had a nice 10 minute swim to an Island off our stern. We explored it, hiked up to find a nice view, raced each other in the sand, and hung out. I grabbed a coconut out of a tree and smashed it on the ground like a feral animal and savagely tilted it back to drink the water within. It tasted super nice. Afterward, we had a great lunch of stuffed bell peppers, swam to another Island, and had a big game of pickup football on a sandbar beach. Along the way, we saw plenty of sea turtles and a stingray as well as some baby squid. Once back on board, we figured out who is going to lead tomorrow’s day sail to Bequia. Now, everyone is tired, and I have to wake up at 0300.