Location: Somewhere off the coast of Mallorca, Spain

Dear readers,

Today we departed Mallorca. Much to everyone’s joy, wake-ups were held 30 minutes before schedule, but all was made well by the wafting, silvery smoke cloud that billowed out of the galley. It was the glorious smell of bacon grease that quelled the anger of the yet groggy crew. After putting the finishing touches on our passage prep, it was time to pull away from the dock. The personal highlight of the day was that Kris let me take the boat from the dock out of the harbor. Bow thrusters are a real luxury. Later, everyone took their OCE final exam, which was a sure sign that the trip was coming to a close. Tomorrow will be the group research project presentations. My attention span for computers seems to have fallen quite dramatically over the course of the voyage, so with that, I sign off. NEXT STOP, NICE!!!!

PS. Looking forward to seeing whoever it is that will be picking me up from the airport in 10 days.
PPS. Don’t forget me.