Location: Sardino-Balearic Plain

Today started like every other day. I woke up and had my morning tea. After finishing my tea, we all sat down for lunch. Immediately following lunch and clean-up, we had our OCE research project presentations where we showed the rest of the boat what each group had been working on for the past 45-days. The day began to ramp up when Captain Kris determined that the water was flat enough to swim in for shower time. The cool, Mediterranean water was roughly 2.5 km deep. It was a great relief during a relatively windless day. Those who were not on watch duty were able to have some free time before dinner. During and after dinner, we spent much of the time watching a pod of 30 Spinner Dolphins leaping and spinning about 1/2 a meter out of the water. As we begin to wind down for the night, the deep reds and oranges of the sun setting over Spain wash over the boat, marking another day closer to Nice and then home. We’ve almost reached 4500 nautical miles.

We miss and love you all,
Sam A. and the crew of the Argo