Location: Underway to St. Helena

Hello family and friends!!
I get the pleasure of writing you another log post because we started the communal chore wheel, which made me skipper again! Although the wind hasn’t made a showing lately, morale continues to be high! Seasickness is no longer, which makes the watch rotation at full strength and much more lively. The Cook crew cheffed up a delicious pumpkin risotto followed by filling chili-topped noodles for dinner. In marine biology, we covered the basics of biology and living organisms in general. Then a lesson from elder Gabe on the proper ways to raise and drop sails. A few lucky spotters saw a whale in the distance while hanging out on deck. The evening finished up by sailing west into an orange sunset and then a PCST study session. There is much excitement around reaching St. Helena, especially with the news of our first scuba dive and potential whale sharks! Another great day on Argo and many more to come.