Location: Underway to St. Helena

Hello Friends, Family, specifically Shumama and Jane,

Watch team two (team Hazzaaa (Amanda S., Claire, MG, Ellie, Sabrina, Elene, Will, Nolan, Gabe G.)) started off our day with the 4 am-8 am watch and saw a beautiful sunrise. They soon woke up team three (Amanda C., Ben, Zoe, Katie, Nick, David, Tim, Audrey (me)) to continue the watch that was carried out from 8 am-12 pm. During that time, we set the main sail with the first reef in it, polished the stainless steel, and took down the main staysail. After that, we had lovely baked potatoes made by Amanda C., and then went to class! Our first class was Leadership (taught by Amanda C.), then our second was Oceanography (taught by Amanda S.). It was a bit of a rocky class because of the wind picking up, but we all got through it! We had some free time after class where people finished up their Logbook for Ben, started their research paper for Amanda S., and/or finished our first draft of Amanda C.’s Leadership essay. We finished the day with an amazing dinner of pork, carrots/broccoli, roasted potatoes, and fantastic gluten-free buns!! The first team to do night watch is team one (Gabe, Elisabeth, Emma, Nat, Gabe D., Beau, Max, and Peter), and they will be setting up to do our first jibe!

Best Wishes,