Location: Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Howdy friends and family. This morning the galley was filled with the delicious smell of veggie scramble and the sounds of Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes. Everyone got up bright and early, excited for today. Once the deck was washed and the gophers closed the hatch until lunch, we began our day. We were split up into two groups where one would take the final exam, and the second would use their scuba gear for the first time. The first group celebrated passing the final exam with everyone jumping into the water and even making some friends with two people on jet skis. After, Jaden and Joel began their journey to being “swole” for the summer. While group one was having a dance party on the deck, group two was exploring the world under the sea. They honed in on their scuba skills and even saw a few schools of fish. We reconvened for lunch at around noon, where we all exchanged our adventures for the first half of the day. Afterward, the groups switched places, and group one began their start in confined diving, while group two prepared for their exam. Teagan and Jaden were able to find a large crab, while the others discovered schools of fish. Learning is never over. As the day was winding down, Jaden got a crash course on bringing up the dinghy with the moral support of the majority of the boat. We ended our day with our sea showers and even learned some french from Megan when deciding how to cook buckwheat. Everyone spent the rest of the night chatting about their adventures and their excitement for the rest of the voyage!

Image captions
Image 1: sunsets and poorly sung sing-a-longs
Image 2: who needs a chiropractor when you have a boat
Image 3: Joel and Maria looking for Crush the turtle
Image 4: New Friends or Old? We may never know ( Graham and Sophie)
Image 5: Good Morning, Carlisle Bay! ( Jackie, Graham, Joel, Chloe, Eitan, Meg, Sam, Ash, and Jackie)
Image 6: A rare sighting of gophers before they come out of their hole for groundhog day ( Chloe and Chloe)
Image 7: The best mannequin challenge (Jaden, Joel, and Graham)
Image 8: Galley(way) girls (Chloe and Smash)
Image 9: Freshies vs. Salties ( Joel Eitan Sam Graham and Amelia )
Image 10: ( Graham, Maria, and Sophie)
Image 11: Stop Drop and Roll ( Joel)
Image 12: Where’s Waldo: D-Ring edition (Jaden)
Image 13: Over and Out (Marley, Teagan, and Meg)
Image 14: Tug-o-war man vs. boat who will win? ( Marley, Meg, Maria, Jaden, Max)
Image 15: Winner Winner veggie Dinner ( Jackie, Meg, and Amelia)

ps Hi, Mom, Dad, Gillian, and Parker. All is well, and I can’t wait to tell you all the stories when I get home. Give Parker a cuddle for me!