Location: Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Hi!! Last night was our first night of anchor watches throughout the night, which was pretty exciting. This morning at 7 am, the crew was woken up to “Skinny Love” (I thought it was fitting since Graham and Maria have a bet going for how to properly pronounce Bon Iver’s name). We had a great breakfast of Migas made by Sam and Amelia before starting the day of PADI training videos. These were super exciting and had such great actors — just kidding, I think most people were struggling to keep their eyes open! But, after completing 5 sections of videos, review questions, and quizzes, we were ready to get out of the salon.

Since the waves and wind were pretty rough in our last location, while we were watching the videos, Smash, Sam, Ash, and Marles moved the boat to Carlisle Bay. Even though we didn’t go far, the water is somehow so much bluer here! In the afternoon, we got to use some of our newfound scuba knowledge to practice putting our kits together on deck and jumping in to learn how to do a “duck dive.” Everyone was definitely glad to get to jump in and relax for a little bit. Overall, a pretty solid day — glad to get the training over with and can’t wait to start scuba diving tomorrow.

Big hello and hugs to everyone back home!

Photo captions:
1. View of Carlisle Bay
2. Maria and Max laughing at some of the awful acting in the training videos (and yes, Max is still wearing sunglasses indoors)
3. Chloe working hard drying the dishes
4. Ash sharing his scuba knowledge with the group
5. Teegan snacking on the chart house
6. Don’t worry, mom – we’re taking great ocean showers! (ft. Meg and Sophie)
7. Max attempting to make it up the chain…
8. … Graham made it…
9. … and now Jaden!
10. Amelia cheffing up some curry
11. A super high-quality photo of the deckies