Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Every day I wake up and expect the day to be the same and have the same routine, but that hasn’t happened once. My day started off by walking over to everyone’s beds and waking them up with was followed by yogurt and granola for breakfast which is kind of my favorite also because it makes for an easy pit. After that half, the group went diving while the rest of us got to study for the test we had. Once everyone got back, we ate lunch and took the test. After that, the second group went diving, and I took a nap which was pretty relaxing. We then all swam around a little, ate dinner, and had a squeeze. This feels like the most normal thing now, and I guess it’s the closest thing that I will come to a routine while living on a boat with 20 people. Slowly I appreciate the little day-to-day things more that will go away when I leave. I will miss doing squeeze every night and walking out of my bunk and seeing the same few people that also wake up early.

Picture 1: Walk up rock
Picture 2: Pizza bagels for dinner
Picture 3: Dinner
Picture 4:Quinn and Will
Picture 5: Snuggling Asta and Lucia
Picture 6: Sophie and Tate