Location: Neiafu, Tonga

Overall it was a very chill but interesting day on Argo, as it is very often on this boat. We started off the day with a hefty serving of banana bread where everyone was going bananas because of how good it tasted. After our delicious breakfast, we had shore time until the afternoon. At shore time, we all went our separate ways; some people climbed mountains (pictures included), some people explored the town, while some people decided to get Wi-Fi, a rare commodity while sailing. Personally, the highlight of my day was trying Vegemite for the first and definitely last time of my life. Shout out to Evan for recently becoming vegetarian. Back at the boat, we had a bit of a saloon afternoon where guys nails were painted, and almost everyone’s eyebrows were plucked by professional pamperer Taylor. I even witnessed a weird foot handshake thing with intertwining toes, didn’t even know that was possible. As far as a class, we had Marine Biology, Oceanography, and a practical class of how to be an emergency first responder. It is midterm time, and we have lots of tests coming up, so lots of time is spent studying nowadays. Speaking of studying, I should start my essay.

I hope everyone had a great 4th back in the States.


PS. Ryan, keep practicing golf, you will need it for when I get back

– Garrett