Location: Saba

We all woke up this morning in good moods. We had the wonderful smell of double chocolate pancakes in our noses. Yum. After breakfast, it was time to do science diving. Two groups had to go out and get sediment cores to help Chantal with her research. People that were not going on the dives had time to do work and relax. If you are unaware, the end of the trip is coming, and school is ending. That means tests and papers. OH. NO. After lunch, we began our passage to Saba. We had planned to sail, but the wind was dead. It was raining. What fun. Actually, it was fun because our GPS was off, so we took three-point fixes in order to determine our location.

Fortunately, we could see Saba from Statia, so we didn’t really have to worry. Plus, we’re all expert navigators. The passage was less than three hours. When we arrived at this taunting island, we grabbed the mooring line. In the mooring line came out a little octopus just a few inches long. It was very cute. We played with the octopus for a little bit and then let it free again. We got the boats into the water and then had free time. I did some work and finished my Marine Biology log book IDs. Thank goodness. We just ate dinner, and we’re about to have OCB. This is the last time I’ll skipper. Thanks for listening to my crazy rants. I’m OUT.