Location: Saba

First thing after breakfast today we all prepared to head to shore. From the boat, the sigh of Saba was a bit daunting, being that it is a 3,000 foot mountain sticking straight out of the ocean that is fairly steep on all sides. None the less, we were all ready to brave the climb. It began with a “wet landing” on a rocky beach followed by a short walk to the beginning of The Ladder, which is a giant stone staircase leading up to the first and lowest town on Saba called The Bottom. It took about 45 minutes for the group to reach The Bottom, which is just as it soundsthe bottom. We continued our hike for about another hour upward in order to reach the windward side of the island. Once there, some of the group chose to continue up for another hour and half or so to the peak of Mt. Scenery (the highest point in the Caribbean). The others walked around town and found a very cool little glass bead shop where they got to make their own bead. We all came back to the boat for dinner and are now about to have our last MTE class. I think all of us will sleep well tonight.