Location: Saba

The intrepid crew of Ocean Star spent the day today diving the wonders of Saba’s seas. In the morning, we divided in half, and while the first group went to dive Diamond Rock and another site, the other stayed on board, immersing themselves in their studies. Sharks, sting rays, and sea horses were all spotted, as well as the occasional squid. In between the two dives, the shipmates listened to stories of life on Saba told by the dive master, a Saban native. Casey and I spent the day diving as well, but with a more scientific purpose in mind. We met up with Susan, a ranger with the Saba Marine Park, to take sediment samples from 3 reefs around the island for research. By this point in the trip, all the kinks in the coring device have been worked out, so we were able to bang out the dives in 15 or 20 minutes per core. In between dives, we learned a little bit more about Saba and its marine park, and found out that the Saba High School had its graduation last night with a graduating class of 11 students. As I type, the crew is cleaning up from a delicious dinner of French onion soup and sandwiches, in preparation for our return to the BVI. It’s a little bittersweet, since tonight will be our last night passage, but it is nice to finally be returning to our home port and familiar waters. I’m looking forward to an exciting week ahead of us as we finish off the Semester in style.