Location: Spanish Town, BVI

Our last night passage held true to the trends of this entire voyage; we calmly made our way from Saba to the BVIs under clear skies and rather unenthusiastic winds. It was a delightful passage, as always, but tinged with a bit of sadness as we’re finally done with sailing and are back at our home base. We arrived in Spanish Town around 8 o’clock am to see the waves raging against the shore; there was a Northern swell that was making quite impressive waves. Our original plan had been to pick up a mooring next to an area called the Baths, but the water proved too rough and we anchored in the harbor of Spanish Town. After flaking all of the sails and doing a brief Boat Appreciation, we took a bus to see the Baths. For those unacquainted with this natural attraction, the Baths is a coastal area dominated by gigantic rock formations and small beaches for tourists to take a dip in. We spent our day climbing over the rocks, scrambling to get higher or to an interesting ledge, and winding our way through tiny cracks between boulders to get to the next beach. It was a fascinating place to explore, and I can safely say I have never been anywhere quite like it. The key features of the Baths were the Cave, which was a maze of boulders to climb through and on top of, and the Devil’s Bay. Despite the swell, some of us even went for a swim at the bay, which proved to be both entertaining to watch and experience. After the Baths we spent a little time in Spanish town, exploring the area and buying last minute gifts for relatives waiting for us at home. This evening will be a relaxing one, giving us time to work on our final projects and spend some quality time together. As this is my last time as Skipper aboard the great S/Y Ocean Star, I would like to thank our loyal readers for keeping tabs on us. This is a rare experience that only a very lucky few get to enjoy, and I know we will all come away from our semester here in the Caribbean Sea a little wiser, bolder, and saltier. This is Devin MacDonald, signing out Its been quite a ride.