Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Sunrise breakfast and diving first thing in the morning – what better way to start the day? After morning munching we hopped on over to The Dogs, a group of small islands, and attempted to not anchor atop an airplane. We were successful, and dove right off the boat, swam to the site and bubbled to see the wreck. We all liked to breathe underwater, but since the dive was only 50feet Eric and Phil decided they were cool enough to free dive it. We dove a small airplane wreck right by some coral gardens. The decaying hunk of metal supposedly crashed years ago but it’s also rumored it was set there for a movie. It was pretty sweet- we got to swim through and all. After discombobulating our gear we motored to Virgin Gorda. Everything’s totally different here now; 2months ago the area was deserted, now the waters are filled with boats as the tourists scout the land. We couldn’t get over how weird it felt being back here, I’m sure the blogger yesterday mentioned it’s like being back home, and it is. We passed by some familiar sights like Savannah Bay and Mountain Point, our first anchorings. Then we spent the afternoon studying and putting the final pieces together for our OCE research projects. It’s weird, completing something we’ve been continually working on for the past two months or so, our projects became part of life aboard. Overall it was a swell day, that is, until the head clogged hour before dinner Fun times on Ocean Star. Delicious spaghetti dinner Katy and Charlie! After cleanup there is more opportunity for study time and then a good night’s sleeps. I guess this is my last blog, thanks for listening, you’ll all here from us soon! Strange day, can’t grasp the fact we’re in the mid 70’s. Not only is it December and sunny and hot, today’s we have only 1 week left until we depart. How sad! As excited as we all are for our snowy homes we’ll be soaking up the rays every minute we can. The freezing atmosphere and normal, boring college will be mind-numbing. It’ll all seem so mundane; I’m not ready to leave this! I guess 1 week is long enough; I’ll have to stop wasting my time with blogs though and go enjoy it.