Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

“What a day! What a day!” I stood in the shadow of the companionway, licking my finger and letting the breeze roll over its moist surface. It was to be an exceptional day of small boat sailing, I thought. I meandered over to the hose and proceeded to brush my teeth in my normal orderly manner- the way a gentleman mounts a horse or tends to his flower patch-with a strategy. The day progressed, and after a brief bit of lounging and studying, lunch rolled around. The crew and I ate while enjoying cool drinks and polite conversation. Then it was time. The curtains were drawn, and with the parting of their smooth, ethereal silk came the glimmer or the blunt glow of two Hobie Cats. Their masts shot straight into the sky donned with pink sails. OH, HOW THE WIND BLEW! BOATS CARVED THROUGH COOL BLUE WATERS, AND THE WIND RAGED!

The Relay results are as follows: Team 1: Dan, Devin, Matt, Phill, and I Vs. Team 2: Emily, Cheese, Katie, and Arielle

Round one (tack around orange buoy)- Team2 Round two (jibe around orange buoy)- Team1 Round three (tack around the white buoy, alter course, then tack or jibe around orange buoy)-Team2