Location: Cabo Andritxol, Mallorca

Day 25
Log Entry for Skipper James G

The boat is in complete chaos. I fear a mutiny is not far from us now. Today I woke up the crew with my favorite wake-up song, the default android alarm. This was widely regarded by everyone as a bad move. It worked perfectly, however, because everyone crawled right out of bed to come turn off the speaker. Today was our second consecutive day of the open water diving certification. We are taking the exam tonight and will officially be open water certified and will move to advanced diving pretty soon after. The staff has been putting in a lot of work to make everything run smoothly on the boat, and everyone is very thankful for them. The cooking has been great since the students have been planning the meals, thank goodness, im not sure how much more lentil-based dishes I could have handled.

Today my job was easy and enjoyable. I also slept for nearly half the day. Turns out once a crew gets to know each other, they work really well together, even without supervision! Like I said earlier, today we stayed anchored and did diving certification, so all I had to do was wake up, meal role-calls, and facilitate cleanup. While diving today with Leoni, Joe, and Garret, we saw two octopuses, a few flounders, and some elusive deep-sea headwater being ejected from the boat into the water above, almost comically timed to the right when we went under the boat. Let’s just say that one ‘job’ took more than four flushes.

Yesterday marked the start of the karaoke pin game, and tonight we continued. For those that don’t understand, we have a special clothespin that we stick to people without them knowing, and if they have it on them at the end of the night, they have to sing a song or risk having to jump in the water. Tonight was not Zoe’s lucky night, not only because she wasn’t ready for the pictures that she’s in for this blog post, but she started with being the first person the pin was stuck to. After she found it and it was circulated around the crew, I stuck it on her hood while she wasn’t looking, and she ended up having to sing. We decided maybe karaoke every night is too stressful, and it will now only be played on Fridays. As I write this, I can hear the crew jamming out to scat man in the salon, so I think we are all doing pretty good. I am excited for my next day as skipper. Here are some pictures to enjoy. I found them from people who actually took pictures today since I forgot that I was supposed to be doing that. Next time we see an octopus, I will be sure to take a picture and give it to the skipper of the day but for now, just imagine what one looks like sitting on top of Vela’s anchor at the bottom of the ocean.

Pic 1: Garret holding anonymous by their legs into the fridge.
Pic 2: Jellyfish that Sam caught by accident when filling up the buckets to do dishes
Pic 3: Everyone dancing in the salon with the red lights on
Pic 4: Kitchen Crew cleaning up starring Akiva’s feet, Clara, Emma, and Garret
Pic 5: Zoe thought it would be funny to leave a selfie on my phone after I left it in the salon. She must have really wanted to be in the blog pictures.
Pic 6: Zoe, Celia, and Arden doing something or other in the salon
Pic 7: One of the dive groups surfacing after finishing their last dive needed for certification.