Location: Cabo Andritxol, Mallorca

The day started with the sound of Oh Canada, the Imperial March, and interpretive dance – to my surprise, it was an effortless wake-up. When dancing room to room, this is a method of wake-ups I suggest. The music always seems to set the tone for the beginning of the day!
For breakfast, the chefs cooked up some cereal, and we got to clean up as always, which is one of my favorite times of the day usually (depending on the job), just enjoying the sun and the company.
After clean up, we went into Seamanship class, in which Brianne gave us fun mini sailboats, which we raced. I had some sailing experts in my group, so it worked well. It was also cool to learn a bit more about the physics of sailing itself, helping us understand more and more about what we do and how it all comes together.

Then we packed it all up and headed for land for the anticipated shore day in Mallorca! When we arrived at shore, we saw a sandy beach and a cute town. We broke off into groups and began a hike. The hike was amazing, first going through the streets of the town then moving into the forested hills of the trail, yet never loosing sight of the ocean. When my group got to the top, we sat looking back down below where we could still see Vela in the distance and eating our chorizo we had packed. The fresh air was nice, and the lookout tower was a great addition to the view.
We headed back down, and by the time we got back, I had eaten all my snacks and was ready for lunch. Meeting up in a larger group, we all found each other in a small restaurant on the shore. Most ordered the seafood Paella, which was delicious, while Dani practiced her Spanish with one of our waiters.

We had the rest of the day to wander around and go into cute shops, lounge by the beach, and of course, get gelato and stock up on snacks. Finally, we were dinghied back to the boat for an amazing supper of beef stroganoff with compliments to the chefs Emerson, Bubba, and Capt Freddie, who killed it! Now we clean up and listen to music once again. Overall an amazing shore day in Mallorca. Seeing it all.

Summing up my day.
1. wooden spoon
2. what color are you?
3, the red school busssssssinnnn – Jamie
4. Donda Esta le l’ache
5. Lil maple

Till next time,
your skipper, Grace <3

Photo 1: View of Vela from Cabo Andritxol
Photo 2: Arden soaking her injured toe
Photo 3: Shower Time, Akiva, Sam, Declan, Jack, Emma, Joe
Photo 4: Lunch out. Dani, Grace (Me), Dani, and restaurant owner!
Photo 5: James’s Masterpiece Sandcastle