Location: Cabo Andritxol, Mallorca

Tomorrow will mark four weeks onboard for our shipmates. In light of the occasion, I reminisce on all of the wonderful and amazing things they have already experienced and achieved. They have gloried in the grandeur of Rome and braved the daring hike from Porto Venere to Riomaggiore in Italy. They have explored the sumptuous streets of Monaco and the delightful cobbled alleyways of Elba, Tarragona, and Mallorca.

When they haven’t been marveling at the sights, sounds, food, and cultures of European countries, they’ve been studying species identification in Marine Biology, ocean conservation in Oceanography, the physics of sailing in Seamanship, and personality types in Leadership. Most of our Shipmates have also been working hard toward earning their first diving certificates, which include both in-class study and underwater fun!

Amidst all of their classes, sightseeing, and delving into diving, our newest crew members have also been getting to grips with what it takes to run a vessel such as Vela. They’re improving every day by starting to take charge of the sail raises, sail drops, leading watch teams, and taking their clean-up duties in their stride. They’re also starting to find their sea legs, with less and less poorly shipmates having to visit the seasickness hospital wing (that being the leeward side on the aft deck where their sick won’t blow back up in their face when we’re underway!!).

For the family and friends reading from home, I hope you are very proud of how far your loved ones have come, how much they’ve experienced, and how much they’ve learned about the rest of the world, life onboard, about their fellow crew members and about themselves since joining the vessel. I hope they will form memories and friends they’ll cherish for a lifetime. And to think, there’s so much more to come!

Dear Mum, Dad, and Chloe, I love you and miss you always xxx

Photo 1: Sunset Gazing in the Mediterranean
Photo 2: Dylan basking in the dinghy
Photo 3: Candid Celia
Photo 4: Me working up the Mast
Photo 5: Riomaggiore
Photo 6: Laundry Sunrise