Location: East Coast Corsica

Hello friends and family!

We have once again set sail, this time on our way to the island of Elba! After a Lion King-themed wake-up, everyone met on deck for some breakfast to get energized for an active day. Before long, everybody was doing their part to get ready for our next passage. By late morning we were ready to go and took to the seas once again, leaving the lovely Sardinia behind us on the horizon.

Today was also the crew’s first introduction to the classes that we’re going to be taking! Dylan prepped us for learning all about marine life, Brianne got us pumped for seamanship, Leoni got us ready for all things oceanography, and Shona kicked off our leadership course with some good bonding questions for the group. I think it’s safe to say that all of us are looking forward to the learning ahead, but it’s going to be interesting to see how we adapt to the academic workload alongside our responsibilities as a crew. So far, everyone’s willingness to contribute their efforts with an awesome attitude gives me confidence that we’ll support each other through the tough times and celebrate together when it’s all smooth sailing.

With every day that passes, the crew is starting to settle in and become more and more comfortable with the realities and adjustments of life on board. Vela is starting to feel like home, and it’s exciting to feel our new little family forming and bonding.

To my people at home (Mom, Dad, Mia, and everyone else!) I love you guys and miss you, and also want you to know that I’m very happy!!

Sending lots of love on behalf of the whole crew to all of our supporters at home! We couldn’t do this without you.

Photo 1: Our stunning view during a delicious dinner of pasta and chicken.
Photo 2: Some of our crew as we prepped for passage. Front row left to right: Liz, Emma, Joe, Akiva, Dani, and Clara. Hanging out in the back, we have Shona, Charlie, Jack, Declan, and a couple more hiding back there.
Photo 3: Our brilliant chefs Leoni, Charlie, Garrett, and Celia as they prepared our dinner.
Photo 4: Our salon stewards of the day, Jamie, Arden, and Emerson, making sure everything was clean and shiny.
Photo 5: A bunch of the crew ready for dinner! Going around the circle from the front (clockwise), we have Zoe, Grace, Clara, Sam, Dani, Helayna, Joe, Akiva (and behind him Elle and Dylan), Tyler, Declan, Emerson, Liz, and Emma.